“If the day and night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal - that is your success. All of nature is your congratulation...” –Henry David Thoreau


Huxter was created with the idea of marrying luxury and utility in to a brand that is representative of its birthplace: the New England coast. All of us here at Huxter have ties to this rugged landscape and, over the years, we found ourselves coming back to our home more and more often to do one thing with each other—surf.  We love the way the unpredictable New England seasons provide us with a different ocean every morning; demanding us to adapt and accept whatever the sea wants to give us that day. We like how the ocean dictates our relationship with our surroundings and, most importantly, with the friends we’ve made who share our appreciation for the sea.



Making things locally has been important to Huxter from day one and we do so whenever possible.  We are able to drive to our shirt factory in the morning, drop off fabrics, watch the pieces be cut and check on them throughout the sewing process.  

Our turn around time is quick and we’ve been able to build a really great relationship with ALL of the workers there, not just the owner.  They take pride in the products they deliver because they see the pride we have in Huxter.

Throughout this whole journey, we've made new friends, discovered cool materials and spread the vision of Huxter farther than we could have imagined.  We know there are more people out there who could be part of the Huxter family, and we can’t wait to meet them. Maybe it’ll be over a morning surf or on a bike ride to the beach. However these connections are made, we hope that our enthusiasm will rub off on you as Huxter grows and changes much like the seasons that shaped us from the beginning. 


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